The Reborn Identity

Audio & video mashups from The Reborn Identity

I’ve Still Never Missed You (video)

The Reborn Identity – I’ve Still Never Missed You – Trentemoller – Miss You (Cubism Remix) – Charlene – I’ve Never Been To Me – Burial – Untitled – Akira Yamaoka – Ghost Town From the We Still Miss You double pack with Colatron. Download the EP: Direct download (RAR file) Download I’ve Still Never Missed You: Direct download – Direct Download 2

Editors vs The Who – Airtime (mashup)

The Reborn Identity – Airtime – Editors – Push Your Head Towards The Air – The Who – Anytime You Want Me I wanted a positive album closer for my upcoming Dark Matter compilation but something still inkeeping with the moody tone. The result was this plaintive, yearning little number. Download the track Direct Download 1 – Direct Download 2

Aeroplane vs The Kooks – We Can’t Kook (mashup)

The Reborn Identity – We Can’t Kook – Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly – The Kooks – Naive I toyed with this track a few weeks back as a potential contribution to Summer Booty but it didn’t feel quite summery enough, so I went with A Far Away Country instead. It seemed a shame to leave it languishing in a forgotten corner of my hard drive though, so here you go. Dowload the.. Read More

Hyperlux (video)

The Reborn Identity – Hyperballad Björk – Hyperballad Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna (Full Orchestral Remix) I’ve skipped ahead a little for the next Lectroset 2 video but I simply couldn’t wait to breathe visual life into this moody mashup. Download the track: Direct Download – Direct Download 2

Cut Copy vs Empire of the Sun – A Far Away Country

The Reborn Identity – A Far Away Country by RebornIdentityThe Reborn Identity – A Far Away Country – Cut Copy – Far Away – Empire of the Sun – Country – Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire Despite all the torrential rain we’ve been getting here in the UK these past few weeks, it’s apparently summertime which means it’s time for another Summer Booty compilation. The Reborn Identity contribution to this year’s annual.. Read More

When The Dealing’s Done (video)

The Reborn Identity – When The Dealing’s Done – Kenny Rogers – The Gambler – Kelis – Acapella After a short break I’ve turned my attentions back to the Lectroset 2 video project. We’re onto track 7 now, which means it’s the turn of grizzled husky Kenny Rogers. Actually, speaking of huskies…

Flaming Arrows (video)

The Reborn Identity – Flaming Arrows – Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire – I Am Arrows – Green Grass The Lectroset 2 video opus continues with this quirky country collage. Download the unmixed audio track: Direct Download – Direct Download 2

The Temper Trap vs Joaquin Rodrigo – Concerto of Fear (mashup)

The Reborn Identity – Concerto of Fear – The Temper Trap – Science of Fear – Joaquin Rodrigo – Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio) Every April sees the release of a new genre smash compilation, compiled by Envision. This year’s album, The 3rd World, is the biggest yet with over 40 all-new mashups from a host of international producers. For my entry this year, I’ve cooked up this haunting mix of New Zealand indie.. Read More