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King of the Lebanon (Years & Years vs The Human League)

king of lebanon

The Reborn Identity – King of the Lebanon
Years & Years – King
The Human League – The Lebanon

OK, so it’s been quite a long time since my last update. Life got really busy and sadly, creative pursuits took a back seat for a while. I’ve been warming back up again over the past few weeks though and, armed with a new setup and lots of new sources I want to work with, I’m getting back into the swing of things. Given my lengthy hiatus, it felt right to kick off with something from Years & Years, who are right up my modern electro street. Enjoy.

Get the audio file:  high quality version (320kbps)

The Temper Trap vs Patrick Wolf – Trembling Days (mashup)

The Reborn Identity – Trembling Days – The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands – Patrick Wolf – The Days When I started putting together the video for Airtime a few weeks ago it reminded how much I love working with non-4/4 sources. They’re not easy to come by though, so when The Temper Trap shared the stems to their latest single, Trembling Hands, I knew it was one I had to try my hand.. Read More

Airtime (video)

The Reborn Identity – Airtime – Editors – Push Your Head Towards The Air – The Who – Anytime You Want Me Download the track Direct Download 1 – Direct Download 2

Famous Son (video)

The Reborn Identity – Famous Son – Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son – Diagram of the Heart – Dead Famous Originally from the Lectroset 2 mashup mix. Download the unmixed audio track: Direct Download – Alt Download

I Shoulda Been There (video)

The Reborn Identity – I Shoulda Been There – Jamie Woon – Shoulda – Dubstar – I Will Be Your Girlfriend (Deadly Avengers Montana Mix)   Download the track: Direct Download – Direct Download 2