A sci-fi soundtrack – the story so far

Several years ago I embarked on an ambitious mashup project that’s proved to be far more challenging and time consuming than I ever could have anticipated. The quest I set myself was to create a mashup album that told a sci-fi story through tone and lyrics, creating a soundtrack  to an unmade movie.

The project began with a sequence of four tracks, which picked up the story somewhere in the middle. Two of these haven’t been released yet but the other two are tracks you may have heard already – City in the Clouds (not currently online) and Gone to Heaven.

Both of these tracks perfectly typified what I wanted to achieve with this album – a mix of electronic and ambient instrumental sources mixing together with a clutch of mixed up vocals to tell the story. In Gone To Heaven, a disabled space craft tumbles out of control towards, drawn by the gravity of a nearby planet. Passed out an hallucinating, the pilot is unable to see the danger that faces him. The Pixies vocals kick in just as the ship hits the outer atmosphere and begins to burn up.

As the months and years unfolded, work on this sci-fi epic continued in the background and a few further tracks were released into the wild, including Rocket to the End of the World and Would You Stay.

Fast forward to the present day and the project still lies a long way from finished. I have around 10 tracks completed, which marks maybe half of the story I want to tell. Having come so far I can’t let it remain incomplete, especially as I’m so proud of so many of the tracks in the suite – some of which you’ve heard, some of which you haven’t. So my focus for this year is to get the project as far to completion as I can so I can share the whole thing with you as soon as possible. The point of this post, then? Partly to inform but also to put more pressure on me to get this beast put down. Wish me luck. Captain Reborn out.

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